For hotel furniture designs, the best way is to do the 3D design, to make sure the color and the soft matching things like the artwork, the carpet, lightings.etc matching in perfect way. How do we do designs for you ? Please see the detailed steps as below.
step 1

                                                      Step 1:

Communicating for having a knowledge of the hotel background and concept.

Step 2 New

                                                     Step 2:

Make the furniture plan drawing to a perfect way.


Step 3 New

                                                           Step 3:

Have exact knowledge of the hotel concept, make a best proposal according to the concept.

Step 4 New

                                                 Step 4:

Furniture accessories&decorative items


Step 4

                                                        Step 5:

3D Max perspectives based on the confirmed proposal.

Step 5

                                                        Step 6:

Discuss about the design, adjust and finalize the design.

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