Materials’ selection is very important part of the hotel furniture process. The right materials using can not only improve the outlook of the furniture(made the furniture elegant and attractive), but also can make the using time longer.

Base Material

1. solid wood

Solid Wood

1.Advantages: Solid, natural and durable.

2.Disadvantages: Factory need to take the time to control the water content depending on the location of the hotel. Easy to shrink and expand.

2. plywood


1.Advantages: Uniform Strength, Durable, not easy to deform. It is less susceptible to water damage than MDF.

2.Disadvantages: It is susceptible to the weather, shrinking when it is too cold and expanding when it is hot.

3. marine plywood waterproof 副本

Marine Plywood

1.Advantages: Environmental protection up to E0/E1 level. It has excellent weather resistance, and it can boil water for 72 hours without change;

2.Disadvantages: High cost;

4. MDF


1.1.Advantages: Environmentally friendly, lacks grain, and it is easy to drill and cut without risking damage. It can easily be cut and carved into different designs.

2.2.Disadvantages: It is not suitable for a wet place and easy to mold.

5.Moisture Proof Green MDF 副本

Moisture- proof Board

1.Advantages: Prevent moisture, mold and moisture.

2.Disadvantages: High cost;



1.Advantages: Environmentally friendly. Excellent sound absorption and heat insulation performance.

2.Disadvantages: More susceptible to wetness, easy to break when cutting.

Surface Material

木皮 封面

Wood Veneer:

  1. A variety of veneer for you to choose. There are natural and engineered wood veneer.
  2. With two kinds of grain, crown grain and quarter grain.
  3. Suitable for 3 to 5 star hotel.
三胺板饰面 35 副本


  1. With fire resistance and heat resistance.
  2. Suitable for panel furniture.
  3. With different outlook, wood grain, marble, pure color, fabric and so on.
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Teak 副本

High Pressure Laminate:

  1. With fire resistance, heat resistance and scratch-resistant.
  2. Suitable for case furniture.
  3. With different outlook, wood grain, marble, pure color, fabric, and metal.
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小图2 1
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Outdoor Fabric By The Yard Perennials® Performance Textured Basket Weave Linen 副本


  1. Feature: Good breathability and wear-resisting.
  2. Commonly used fabrics: linen, lint, artificial fabric;
  3. Can be treated with fire resistance, waterproof. Fire protection standard: BS5852 and CA117.
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BROWN SHADES leather scraps Real leather pre cut sheet set 5x5 Etsy 副本


  1. Feature: High level, best matching for some special designs.
  2. Commonly used fabrics: artificial leather, microfiber leather, genuine leather.
  3. Can be treated with fire resistance, waterproof. Fire protection standard: BS5852 and CA117.
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315679253 副本


  1. Natural marble, artificial marble and quartz stone.
  2. With thermal insulation, it can protect the wood surface.
梵马克 客厅组合 55 副本
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Tempered glass:

  1. When tempered glass is broken, the fragments will become small particles, not easy to cause harm to the residents.
  2. If it is necessary, place on the wood top to prevent scratches.
  3. Variety: plate glass, ground glass, wired glass and so on.
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404 – RapidMaterials 副本


  1. Variety: Iron, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel and aluminium alloy.
  2. Color: black, silver, gold, champaign gold, rose gold, brass, bronzed.
  3. Finish: mirror finish ,polished finish and matt- finish.
  4. Treatment: anti-fingered.
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Door Handle 13 副本


  1. Brand: DTC, ARCHIE, Hafele, Hettich.
  2. For drawer, cabinet door, entrance door.
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Woven Furniture Types Techniques 副本

Rattan and rope:

  1. Natural rattan, PE rattan, hemp rope, nylon rope
  2. For outdoor furniture and Southeast Asian Style Furniture.
  3. Advantages: Uniform Strength, Durable, not easy to deform. It is less susceptible to water damage than MDF.
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