How to Find Good Furniture from China Online: Complete Guide 2022

From the pandemic period, many customers complained that they were bought low-quality furniture from China factories, which didn’t give any solutions for them and escape their problems. It’s a common thing because some factories are tiny. Still, their online shop is vast and elegant, creating illusions for customers, and stimulating them to buy furniture. Customers will always think it is complicated to find a good manufacturer from thousands of furniture suppliers in China. And extremely headache for them to check the furniture quality. Keep reading and learn how to find reliable manufacturers from China online.

Why purchase furniture from China?

With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, China furniture has evolved many times, from Ancient China to modern China. The time consuming is about 4000 years. In 2004, China began to be the largest exporter of furniture worldwide. China factories manufacture low cost, excellent design, good quality products. That is why customers want to visit China to purchase their furniture. And due to lots of countries not having skilled men and their traditional culture, they are willing to buy furniture from China.

Till Jan.24th,2022, there were close to 45000 furniture manufacturers in China at work, but more than 3000 factories were bankrupted due to the coronavirus getting started in Wuhan city in 2020. Most are small to medium-sized manufacturers who have given their customers a big strike and lost.

If you come to China to buy furniture, you will find plenty of excellent furniture you have ever seen on your local furniture market. But how to search for a valuable furniture supplier? That is doubt!

Searching for Furniture from China-offline

Usually, most foreign visitors visit furniture fairs, exhibitions centers, or malls to search for items they need when they come to China; below pieces of information are the names of famous furniture malls in Foshan.

(1) China International Furniture Fair or Canton fair—-The world-famous furniture purchasing base since 1957.

(2) Lovure mall—– the palace of high end furniture.

(3) Sunlink furniture North—- The good choice of middle class furniture.

(4) Nanhua furniture mall—-factory direct sale, best option for most people.

(5) Tuanyi furniture mall—- the office furniture gathering places.

The above locations are all located in Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong province.

furniture from China 4 1
furniture from China 6

Searching for Furniture from China-online

As time goes on, the internet is developing so fast, and people can search for any items via the internet platform at home and place an order through laptops or mobile phones without going out. It’s very convenient for those who don’t have time to go aboard and save money for the purchasing trip. But here is a question? Do you know what E-commerce platforms are reliable in China?

(1) Alibaba

Alibaba’s mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere, is the biggest E-commerce platform in China. Alibaba offers trade assurance service which can guarantee any penny for your order, and the service is exactly excellent. Most furniture seekers doubt where and how do I source products and manufacturers? The answer is Alibaba definitely.

furniture from China 1

(2) Made In China

Made in China belongs to Focus technology and is China’s second largest e-commerce platform. With the development of the Network, more and more people begin to surf the Internet to search for items they want. Made in China platform help them make their demands come true. It’s a reliable firm that you can take into consideration.

furniture from China 5

(3) Global Sources

Global Sources is an internationally recognized B2B sourcing platform driving global trade for more than 50 years. The company connects authentic buyers and verified suppliers worldwide with tailored solutions and trusted market intelligence through trade shows, digital platforms, and magazines. Currently, the Global sources platform is also a good choice for those people who want to purchase small furniture in China.

furniture from China 3

(4) DH Gate

DH gate is a Chinese business-to-business (B2B) and Business-to-consumer cross-border e-commerce marketplace that facilitates the sale of manufactured products from suppliers to small and medium retailers. It is one of the largest B2B-cross-border e-commerce trade platforms in China. This site is suitable for retailers.


In conclusion, the above platforms are reliable, and if you need to search for furniture items, you can try these to find the best furniture you need.

Finally, if you have any doubts, please leave your comments, we will try our best to update the furniture guide for you, thank you so much!

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