Modern& Luxury Hotel Room Chairs for Hospitality –Complete Guide 2022

The day before yesterday, one of our customers asked us to help them match the hotel room chair for his new 3-star hotel because he doesn’t have any good ideas for which chair suits his bedroom style. And have a big headache with choosing designs and colors. That’s trouble if they don’t have an interior designer. Keep reading; you will get new ideas without a designer, and you will be your hotel room designer.

Hotel Room Chairs@ Lobby

As we all know, the lobby is the first space to be seen by guests; it is the face of a hotel and plays an essential role in the whole hotel atmosphere. They were giving a good or bad first impression to guests are depending on the lobby. Different loose furniture will create a different atmosphere while guests are waiting or chatting. Below two pictures are the contrast.

The furniture in the lobby needs a unique design and suitable style; here are some types that will give you options or ideas to choose the best hotel lobby chairs.

hotel room chair
hotel room chair1

Lounge/Leisure Chair

The lounge chair is necessary for the lobby because it’s elegant and gorgeous, chair sizes are bigger than a normal chair. With a width of 900mm and a unique appearance, it always attracts guests to take a seat.

hotel room chair2

Two-Three Seater Sofa

This style sofa can hold 2-3 people to sit together, and the regular size is about W:1400-2000mm, D: 750mm, H: 850mm. The sofa material commonly uses solid wood frame and legs, but sometimes will use metal or stainless steel for the legs.

hotel room chair3

Round Sofa

According to the lobby plan drawing, this kind of sofa has to be bespoke. It’s always can seat more than ten people, ordinary the center of the sofa is empty, and can put flowers or decorations to make the lobby more sensitive.

hotel room chair4

L-shaped Sofa

The L-shaped sofa is everywhere; you can see it at the home, market, apartment, etc. The hotel lobby is also needed because guests can lie in this L shape area to take an entire rest; this is a humanized design sofa.

hotel room chair5

2.For the Hotel Restaurant Area

People who stay in a hotel need to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so the restaurant is essential for a hotel. It’s a place for guests to enjoy their meals, and a good chair will give them comfortable and pleasant moments. Restaurant chairs also have different styles.

hotel room chair6
hotel room chair7

Oval Chair

It’s always modern, made of solid wood or stainless steel legs with fabric or leather upholstery, and everyday use in a hotel restaurant area.

hotel room chair8

Back Chair

This chair is easy to take because it always has a big hole on the back, and with a curved design for the armrest, it is famous for 3-4 star hotel restaurants.

hotel room chair9

Armrest Chair

The armchair can be seen everywhere, wherever in-home or villa; this chair design is never outdated because people can put their arms to rest; it’s more comfortable than the chair without an armrest.

hotel room chair10

Chair without Armrest

This chair is designed for places that don’t have enough space to put; the most significant advantage is the spacing saving because it can be put under the table.

hotel room chair11

Bar Stool

The barstool is higher than the chair, and the seat height is about 600 to 900mm. The bar stool material can use different qualities according to hotel restaurant level. High-level restaurants commonly use beech wood frames with genuine leather, middle-level restaurants use ash wood frames with PU leather, and low-level restaurants use metal frames with fabric upholstery.

hotel room chair12

Hotel Guest Room Area

Hotel room sizes are different; a big room can put lots of chairs and sofas, a standard room can put chairs for a writing table. Guests always sit on the chair or sofa to do their work or do something they want to do, chair plays a vital role in the room, but do you know what kind of chair designs you can choose?

hotel room chair13 1
hotel room chair14

Swivel Chair

This style chair is rotated 360 degrees to the left or right; It’s convenient for guests chatting and writing. The material is usually used metal base+solid wood frame with fabric/leather upholstery.

hotel room chair15

Office Chair

An office chair is commonly seen in the office, apartment, and home. With its particular function, this chair also suits the hotel room, and it’s moveable and convenient.

hotel room chair16

Leisure Chair

In the suite room, you will see more than two leisure chairs and one coffee table. It’s a classic match because guests can drink a cup of coffee with their friends to chat.

hotel room chair17

Writing Chair

This chair is the same as the dining chair, armrest chair, and chair without armrest. Plenty of designs and materials can choose regarding guests’ requirements.

hotel room chair18

 In conclusion, if you are interested in these chairs, welcome to send your inquiry to us, we will offer you good quality and cheap price hotel room chairs.

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Welcome to follow our official facebook @ bowson hotel furniture, and youtube channel @ bowson hotel furniture company, and also below were our products, please take a look.

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