The New Furniture Mockup for Caste Bayview Resort&Spa Hotel

This article will teach you some useful information while you are doing the furniture mockup step.

Caste Bayview Resort&Spa is located in Krong Kampot, Cambodia, a brand new luxury resort that embracing a culturally rich destination of Cambodia. The below pictures are its site view.

furniture mockup

To be honest, furniture mockup is not an easy issue, it’s very diffcult and complicated. The following paragraphs will show how diffculty it will be, what should you do if you need to mockup furniture for your hotel or villa.

Make Plan Drawing for furniture mockup

The new furniture mockup is a 5 star hotel furniture quality standard, which has taken lots of days and nights to design and revise, all in one stop soultion. From the 2D drawing to 3D rendering photos or VR, we have spent much energy on searching the unique inspiration for the mockup furniture. The below pictures are the room plan drawing in vertical view.

furniture mockup 1

As you can see on the above drawing, the mockup furniture has putted on the right position, this is the first step to do the furniture mockup, which contains our professional knowledge and perspective.

Choose the Furniture Design for furniture mockup

The second step is paving floor tile, this is the construction work, the plasterers will finish it, as a owner or designer, you The second step is to choose the design of furniture, the senior sales will make the furniture design proposal for you to select according to your requirements and you will see lots of designs, such as the modern, classic, luxury, European style etc,. As a buyer, I think that it is very tough for choosing it, and need time to discuss. The below photos are  the design proposals.

furniture mockup 3

Moulding the Furniture Design

Once you confirmed the furniture mockup design, if you have to see the effect furniture picture  displaying on your room, we will need to charge for moulding and rendering the 3D furniture and the cost is lower than our competitors. Here has the 3D rendering pictures to you to take a look.

furniture mockup 4
furniture mockup 5

Mockup Furniture on Process

The Rendering furniture is hard, designer have to prechoose the material color, floor color, wall celling design and something else. It will take 10-15 days to finish this step, and the longer they do, the beautiful it is. After accomplished this step, we have to make the shop drawings for the furniture mockup, the shop drawings are  plays an very important role on manufacuring step, not only the furniture details, but the crafts. Here has serveral these photos for you to have a look.

furniture mockup 8
furniture mockup 6
furniture mockup 10
furniture mockup 8 1
furniture mockup 9 1
furniture mockup 11

All the shop drawings will be signed by the people who has the rights to make decision, once this step finished, factory workshop will start to produce these furniture mockup. The manufacturing time will take 15-20 days for mockup the furniture, and the mass production time is about 40 days. The below pictures are  the  finished products, please have a look.

furniture mockup(12) 2
furniture mockup(12) 1
furniture mockup(12) 3

As you can see on the above photos, the real funriture is very beautiful, do you like it?

The article is over, I do hope that you all have learnt some useful information from it, see you in next post.

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Below is the link for our hotel furniture factory 360 degree view,

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