What is the Hotel Headboard, and How to Install it?

Recently, we got several comments from our blog visitors; they all have the same request about the hotel headboard as they don’t have enough ideas to choose the headboard design, so they asked us to write a clear article for the hotel headboard issue. As a furniture author, this is a piece of cake for me; keep reading you will get more knowledge.

What is the Hotel Headboard?

The headboard is the backrest of the bed, which can fully meet the needs of people sitting or lying on the bed. Reading, listening to music, and watching TV will not make you tired. However there are many headboard designs for you to choose from, but you will be a headache while selecting the headboard for your new hotel room. The article below will give you better ideas when purchasing the bed frame.

As we know, different hotels will have different interior designs, such as modern hotel design, modern classic design, classic design, American design, European design, Chinese design, etc., So for the furniture, different furniture designs will create various ambiances. The furniture design is the important key for the hotel interior; they are inseparable and interact with the hotel. Do you know what the hotel headboard mainstream is?

Upholstery Headboard

Upholstery is a modern method of hotel headboard design. The soft materials can soften the overall space atmosphere adding warmth to life, and its three-dimensional sense can instantly upgrade the bedroom grade. Compared with wooden or leather bed headboards, the soft material is more attractive, moisture-proof, anti-collision, and the headboard’s softness and hardness can adjust according to the customer’s need. It’s a tendency for the hotel guestroom because the soft headboard is inexpensive, easy to make and clean, and the durable years are about 3-5 years. This headboard design is flexible and can make any easy or complicated patterns.

upholstery headboard
Upholstery Headboard

Wooden Headboard

Wooden is a classic method of hotel headboard design. The base material has solid wood, plywood, and MDF, and different materials will have different furniture effect. The headboard which made of solid wood is popular use in Asia or Africa countries, as this material has stable characters, it uses natural wood, which has a more natural appearance, and it is durable, and environmentally friendly. First of all, the material of solid wood headboard has the characteristics of natural, environmental protection and pollution-free. This healthy wood color has a natural and original aesthetic feeling, which giving people a comfortable and fresh feelings. Generally, the materials of solid wood furniture include ash, elm, teak, walnut, mahogany, maple and so on. Secondly, the lines and texture of solid wood furniture are generous, which are often used in Japanese style, American style and Chinese style. In addition, the durability is also one of the advantage.

solid wood headboard
Solid wood Headboard

The headboard which made of Plywood is popular use around the world, as this material is not heavy, and the surface is plain, so it can cover different finish materials, such as the melamine, HPL, wood veneer finish. Most of 3 star hotels are prefer to choose the melamine or HPL because it’s highly cost effective, and the 4-5 star hotels are will to use the wood veneer finish, because this surface has natural wood grain and the tactile sensation will look better than melamine and HPL.

wooden headboard
Wooden Headboard

Thank you for reading this simple article; we will see you in the next wonderful essay.

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