2023 HOT WAY! Do You Know How to Repair Veneer Furniture?

Recently, we got many same questions about the furniture problem. Most customers complained that their furniture had troubles when they opened the packages, such as the furniture edge bumping, broken leg, and wood veneer peeling off. If you have furniture buying experience from China, you will understand because these problems were inescapable. So do you know what to do when you receive damaged furniture and how to repair veneer furniture?

What is the veneer?

The veneer is widely used in the surface decoration of furniture. It is a wood-shaped thin decorative or veneer material with precious tree species characteristics. From the production method, it can be divided into the flat cut, quarter slicing, rotary cutting, and lengthwise slicing. The wood veneer type has natural, synthetic, dye, and nonwoven veneer, and different veneers will use according to the furniture grain and color requirements. The natural wood veneer has the natural beauty of wood and strong texture, and Its natural texture can bring people back to natural art enjoyment, and it’s widely used in 4-5 star hotel furniture. Synthetic wood veneer is a new type of decorative material based on an ordinary wood or fast-growing wood as raw materials. It uses the principle of bionic science to use computer simulation design to make various technical improvements for raw materials. It is suitable for furniture, doors and windows, decorations, flooring, wood crafts, etc. This kind of veneer surface is smooth, and the color pattern is richer, which can meet the diversification of consumers’ needs. But the other two veneers are seldom used for the hotel furniture.

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How to Repair Veneer Furniture?

As mentioned above, the veneer is the furniture’s surface, which plays an important role. When the furniture is manufactured and packed, it must load the container or sent the goods to the customer’s warehouse. Loading containers in the factory is safer than sending the goods to the warehouse because the truck handling and transportation is easy to get the furniture damaged.

If you receive the damaged veneer furniture, will you complain to the factory? And need compensation for your loss. That’s true. But as the saying goes: one coin has two sides: the factory is responsible for the broken furniture, and the shipping company also has the duty for the goods due to the damaged discharge goods. It would help if you repaired the broken yourself because this is the best way to solve your problem. So how to repair veneer furniture? The below article will explain it. You can keep reading and will learn some useful ways to settle it down.

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For the slightly damaged veneer furniture, you can use the 502 glue, which will recover the furniture slightly, especially for the peeled-off veneer.

For the Middle damaged veneer furniture, you need to ask the factory to request the same color lacquer paint before shipping your goods. It’s a very important step; remember it. The lacquer paint will recover the holes, gouges, and edge bumping. If you need more specific steps, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For the heavily damaged veneer furniture, you should ask the local restorer to help you and ask the factory to get compensation. From my personal experience, most factories will take responsibility for the broken furniture if they need your next order. Bowson will take the heavily damaged furniture into high account, and we will manufacture new furniture and make our customers happy.

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