Standard Materials in Furniture- Complete Guide for Hotels 

Recently, we received some questions about the standard materials in furniture. How can I choose the best materials for my hospitality or custom-made furniture? It’s a good question because most people have the same doubts when buying furniture. This article will explain the materials in furniture type and design. Keep reading, and you will gain useful knowledge.

Materials in Furniture

Many furniture materials such as solid wood, plywood, MDF, and chipboard are also called furniture base materials, and the surface materials have PU lacquer painting, HPL, melamine, and PVC finish. Different surface materials matching different base materials will create different furniture effects; some readers may be confused about that. No worries, you can check the below photo, the right side is the plywood with PU lacquer painting, and the left is the MDF with HPL materials. Can you now check the difference between both?

materials in furniture
materials in furniture

The furniture use location is an important factor, and various countries have diverse climates, so please select materials in furniture before you know your area’s climate. If your furniture is located in a rainy tropical climate, the solid wood and plywood base material is suitable; otherwise, the MDF and chipboard material is not suitable because the elements of those materials are easy to absorb water, and the level of moistureproof is low. Countries like Mexico, the Maldives, Australia, and Malaysia are all near the sea. The air humidity is high, so it’s better to use solid wood or plywood as the base material for making the furniture frame and structure. However, moisture content control is very important to solid wood; the standard rate is 8%-12%; if the content is high, the solid wood is easy to spill, and the lacquer adhesion is unstable. To avoid this problem, you’d better visit the furniture factory’s wood dry workshop to take a look, and also choose a big factory like Bowson hotel furniture factory; Bowson offers good quality products to everyone around the world, no discrimination at all.

Plywood Materials in Furniture

The plywood base is super popular in the hotel furniture field; more than 80% hotels selected it as the hotel’s main material. Do you know why? Here are some advantages regarding the plywood below.

  1. The plywood has a beautiful texture and a natural color, and the production of plywood is made from the preferred logs from nature; when processing and production of it, the natural texture and characteristics of the wood in nature are retained so that the molded plywood remains in the formation of the molded splint. Beautiful and clear texture, high strength, and good decoration effect.
  2. Energy conservation and environmental protection of plywood. We all know that plywood is made of natural logs in nature. When we process it, we can leave some abandoned saws. At this time, we can repeat the use of these saddles, Reuse the saw dandruff into the plywood we need.
  3. The plywood has a very light quality, and it is easy to use process.
  4. The plywood has a good anti-tensile ability, has good mechanical effects, and is not easy to deform after a long period of use. It can also maintain the original posture.

MDF Materials in Furniture

The full name of MDF is Middle-Density Fiberboard, and it has good advantages and disadvantages. Check below MDF information,

(1) It is not easy to deform

The physical properties of the medium fiber plate are very good, the internal parts have good structural stability, and they can withstand greater pressure without deformation. In addition, due to the medium fiber board being made of fiber material, the fiber material is uniform and strong in tissue. It has good tensile resistance and elasticity, and the fibrous plate resistance and elasticity are also good.

(2) Easy to process

Because the surface of the medium fiber plate is very smooth, it is easy to stick the glue plane or thin page paper on it during processing. It is not laborious when applying the paint, which can save a lot of processing time and improve the processing efficiency of the board.

The disadvantages of the MDF are as follows,

(1) Poor water absorption

The medium fiberboard is made of fiber, and the water absorption performance of the fiber is relatively poor, so the water absorption performance of the medium fiber plate is weaker. Therefore, when using fiber furniture, people should pay attention to the moisture resistance of the fiberboard.

(2) Weak nailing power

The main structure of the MDF is powder particles. Although the internal structure is dense, the nailing force of the powder particles is poor. When the nail is embedded in the medium fiberboard, it is not easy to solidly and loosen. Therefore, the fiberboard needs to be reinforced regularly with nails. Otherwise, it will be easy to loosen and bring hidden safety hazards.

(3) The strength is not high

The strength of the MDF is not very high, and it cannot withstand a large weight. Therefore, when making furniture with that base material, you have to pay attention not to being too high in the height of the furniture.

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