Maldives Hotel Furniture Project Case–Mady By Bowson

One of our clients asked us whether we have any hotel furniture projects in Male, Maldives. The answer is YES.

Today we want to share this unique hotel with you, and maybe some readers are confused about why you call it “unique”? Is it different from other hotels? Please keep reading, and you will find fantastic things in this newly opened hotel.

Stay Mikado Hotel Furniture1

Maldives Hotel Furniture Layout

This hotel owner has hired a professional architecture team to help them build this hotel building, and the designer is a lovely woman who offers the room drawings and her ideas to us. Below are the illustrations for the hotel building and rooms.

Stay Mikado Hotel Furniture4
Hotel Room Plan View

The Quantity of the Hotel Room

The quantity of the hotel guest room has only 12 rooms, which is a small order for us. However, It doesn’t matter, as IBM’s slogan says, “no business too small, no problem too big.” We keep the same attitude in it. The hotel owner trusted us, and we offer the best quality products to him. That’s the most considerable feedback for them.

Manufacturing Hotel Room Furniture Details

Producing this hotel bedroom furniture has taken 30 days after confirming the shop drawings. From preparing the materials to packing all the goods, our workers have paid their efforts to make products quality perfectly. Here are some representative photos for you as a reference.

Stay Mikado Hotel Furniture5
Stay Mikado Hotel Furniture6

The Details for Loading the Container&Installation

Once all the furniture was finished, it had to arrange a container to transport the goods to the destination. Customers always have their own forwarding company to help them ship the goods, such as the customs declaration and clearance issues, but some fresh customers don’t have the sources for shipping affairs. It’s okay, as a fully equipped factory, we can help them solve this problem.

After a long sea journey, all goods have arrived at Male port, and workers engaged in discharging from the container, hour by hour, day by day, from the port to the site, it needs enough time to accomplish it. Seven days later, all goods were on the site. Workers started to assemble the furniture one by one, from easy to install to difficult to install, and all steps were going well. Below photos were photographed on-site by our customer.

Stay Mikado Hotel Furniture16
Stay Mikado Hotel Furniture13
Stay Mikado Hotel Furniture15

Hotel Opening

After a long preparation, the hotel finally ushered in the opening. The biggest news was that the president of the Maldives was the hotel’s first guest. During the pandemic, the tourist industry was depressed. If you are a local guy, you should bring your loved ones or families to stay a night to enjoy the happy moment.

Stay Mikado Hotel Furniture2

A few months later, the client gains guest compliments and is satisfactory for our product quality and after-sale service. We’re delighted to receive the letterhead from our client.

Feedback Letter From Stay Mikado

Last but no least, all the hotel booking platforms are open; welcome to place this hotel guest room order online, and also you can visit the official website to get more details about it @ Stay Mikado Hotel

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