Modern Qatar Hotel Furniture Project in the World Cup 2022 

Recently, the world cup matches are getting more and more fantastic, and each country’s football team is trying its best to win the world honor; the honor is not only for the land but also for themselves. This world event attracts more than one million soccer fans to visit Doha city, Qatar. With vast consumer traffic, Qatar’s economy is growing crazily; flights, hotels, and restaurants are full, and some people even sleep on the street or on corners. For this point, the foods and accommodations are essential for visitors. 

Qatar Hotel Furniture Project

Regarding the accommodations, the hotel played a vital role during the world cup period, but do you know what the hotel did before the world cup? The answer is that all new hotels were under process, preparing the hotel furniture, hospitality supplies, etc. Below is Bowson’s latest Doha hotel furniture project, finished in September, and all furnishings were installed on site before the world cup.

Hotel Furniture Project Location

The hotel is located on Jaber bin Mohammed street, close to the Airport Doha. It’s a new hotel with 100+ rooms and 4-star hotel standards, and all furniture was provided by Bowson, such as hotel room furniture, hotel restaurant furniture, hotel lighting, hotel carpet, etc. Maybe some readers need clarification about placing an order for your hotel furniture items; I am a fresh hotel man…No worries. We have written the relative article before. You can refer to and click here

Hotel Furniture Project Details

When we received the Auto CAD files from our Qatar customer, the interior furniture was empty. We had to utilize our professional knowledge and skills to put the furniture blocks into CAD files. Below is the finished furniture proposal for our clients. If you have any trouble, we welcome you to send your Inquiry to us. 

Qatar Hotel Furniture

The above is the typical from 1st to 9th-floor plan; the red color blocks mean furniture; maybe some readers need help to recognize what the headboard is, so the following step is to make a clear Identify of the red blocks. Here you can see each block has its own name, and it’s obvious to distinguish the furniture.

It’s not enough to make the vertical furniture layout because nobody can imagine what the furniture looks like; hence the 3D rendering photo is necessary. All the furniture will appear in the space directly; as shown below, the wood, fabric, and carpet color are intuition come out. The hotel owner will make comments once they review the photos. It can get started after all things are confirmed. 

Qatar Hotel Furniture Project

The next step is making the production shop drawing after placing a mockup or mass production order. Factory designers will draw the manufacturing drawing according to the 3D furniture design, especially for the product size, product structure, and goods shape. Can you recognize the below furniture item? Is it the same as the above photo?

Qatar Hotel Furniture Project

These were the signed shop drawings by the customer. Once the picture is confirmed, the furniture production can get started. As the photo shows below, the workshops were manufactured step by step. 

Qatar hotel furniture project 5

As time goes on, all furniture item is finished on time, and furniture is waiting for packing and loading. Still, before the filling come out, our quality controller will check all details carefully to avoid manufacturing defect and then will put the relative furniture together. The actual furniture set will appear to your eyes. You will see the below photo as it’s the actual product. 

Qatar hotel furniture project 6

Do you want to see more Qatar hotel furniture projects? please feel free to leave your comments below blank; we will send all images to you within 10 hours. 

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