2022 New Trends in Hotel Furniture Design to Give Better Understanding to Hotel Owners

Regarding the recent survey report, every hotel has a style and unique character. More than 75% of guests prefer the new or renovated hotel. Hotel do hotels attract more guests to stay? What are the trends in the hospitality industry? Keep reading, and you will find useful knowledge for your hotel project.

Hotel Furniture Design Factor

A charming hotel is not easy to make, containing many factors, such as the interior design, hotel room furniture design, and soft adornment design. Each factor is relevant, and they can’t lose each other. It’s just like the Palace must have gold material. Now I know some readers are confused about what interior design is. Sure, the interior design elements include space, line, forms, light, color, texture, and pattern, and keeping them balanced is the key to creating an aesthetically pleasing interior; click the below link to get more about the elements of the interior design.

What are the interior design elements?

As I know, more than 90% of interior hotel walls are white painted walls, the base is concrete, and the rest are only brick walls without any surface treatment. For the different original walls, different hotel levels need to vary the design, and if the hotel level is 4-5 star, the wall will be the wall cladding or textile wallpaper. If the hotel level is 2-3 stars, hotel owners will choose the cheapest cost way to do it, such as they will keep the original wall or paste wallpaper.

Hotel Furniture Design

For the hotel furniture design, I want to make an elaboration according to my personal experience. Ok, let’s get started. Hotel furniture is divided into loose and fixed furniture, which means the furniture can be moved and placed in space without being restricted by space, such as the sofa, leisure chair table, etc. Fixed furniture means furniture can’t be moved and placed in space, such as the wall cladding, headboard, bed base, and TV panel; this furniture plays an important role throughout the hotel. Why is this the case? Why is the situation? The reason is that the fixed furniture and loose furniture can decide the hotel’s aesthetics, most hotel owners have an experienced architect to do the exterior and interior building design for the hotel, but less of hotel owners have an interior designer, so they can’t make the 3D photo previewing the atmosphere of the hotel. How do you find a good designer at a low price? We suggest you find a sophisticated designer who has worked in the interior design company for over 8 years. Of course, if one designer is not enough, you can find a design team to help you, such as the HBA branch team. However, as a hotel owner, I know it’s difficult for you to hire a designer because of the limited budget. Don’t worry. Bowson’s team will help you; most things are free of charge, are you tempted? Let’s chat with us.

The new trend for hotel furniture design is modern, simple, and energy-saving type in 2022 to 2025. The Chinese proverb says, “the more simple, the better.” The hotel is the second home for the guests; they want to find the same home feelings to stay, releasing the whole day’s trouble and freeing themselves. The photos below are the newest 3D hotel room furniture, which contains a modern and simple style but has a little rustic style. What do you think after seeing the photos?

hotel furniture design
hotel room furniture design
hotel furniture design
hotel room furniture design

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