2022 Detailed Introduction for Hotel Reception Desk–Bespoke Chapter 

 Recently, we have received many questions regarding the custom-made hotel reception desk, which are not difficult to answer. However, we plan to make out a clear, detailed description of this article, and the aim is to help people to get better understand for the hotel front desk. Keep your eyes on it, and you will gain more useful knowledge.

What is the Hotel Reception Desk?

The reception desk allows guests to check in, check out, and receive answers to any inquiries during their stay. As we know, the hotel lobby is where guests must be passed and stay, so the front desk plays an very important role in the lobby. The materials for a 4-5 star hotel normally use plywood with artificial or natural marble cladding. The materials for a 2-3 star hotel are normally used MDF/plywood with wooden or artificial marble top. This front table is a cheap reception desk.

Hotel Reception Desk Design

The design of the reception desk is according to the hotel interior design, such as the wall cladding, the partition, and the floor tile. Different interior designs will create a different atmosphere, and if the design is European, the reception desk is better to make the European style. If the design is modern, the front desk is better to make the modern style. For us, 90% of orders are modern design furniture so we will take the modern hotel reception desk to explain. The below picture is the shop drawings of the customized front desk.

hotel reception desk

As the above shop drawing showed, the reception desk’s full size is W2861*D920*1200mm, It’s a large reception desk and the base material is made of plywood with 3 sides of marble cladding. The above item is a modern design reception desk, with 3 different components: wooden, stainless steel, and marble. Each part has features that make the front desk more contemporary and fashionable.

Maybe some readers have trouble understanding the 2D furniture shop drawings. It’s fine; we also made out the 3D furniture pictures for you below, so you can easily get the detailed information in a short time.

hotel reception desk
hotel reception desk @ front view
hotel reception desk
hotel reception desk @ vertical view

Our designer use Sketchup software made the above 3D furniture. Any colors and sizes are available. If you have any requests for the front lobby desk, we can offer a free 3D photo for you. Are you eager to get it? Contact us!

After 30 days manufacturing, the hotel lobby desk has been finished, which looks more modern and beautiful. What do you think?


Thank you for reading this simple article; we will see you in the next wonderful essay.

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