Ocean Coral Spring Resort Furniture in Jamaica– Hotel Furniture Project

 A customer of mine asked me do you have any hotel projects in Jamaica. I smiled and replied to him, yes, of course, our factory made the Ocean Coral Spring Resort furniture. Recall the past years; It’s a fantastic story from the first meeting with the hotel owner. Keep reading. You will get more interesting things you may care about it.

Ocean Coral Spring Resort Furniture

As we know, the world gate still opened in 2019, and everybody could fly wherever they wanted. Most foreign visitors come to Foshan international market to buy furniture for their villas, apartments and hotels. Mr Jack was one of the visitors, the hotel owner, searching for custom-made furniture for his new hotel in Jamaica. He visited our showroom wearing a simple west suit and leather shoes, and his neck wore a gold necklace. It’s a common guy, but we kept our passion and speciality at that time; we all had happy moments throughout the entire discussion. Mr Jack was a professional businessman who knew not only the architecture but also the furniture structure. He gives us plenty of drawings, and we must classify the room drawing step by step.

The Ocean Coral Spring Resort Located on the Montego Bay seafront, in a bay surrounded by forests and mountains, it’s an exclusive Caribbean resort with a 5-star hotel level; this hotel has attracted many celebrities, like Usain Bolt (the world record holder in the 100 metres, 200 metres, and 4*100 metres relay.) This hotel was a landmark in that city, and if you’ve been to Jamaica, you should know about that hotel.

Resort Furniture

With 512 hotel rooms, the hotel owner placed 200 room furniture orders for us first, and the total cost surpassed 1 million US dollars. Our team spent lots of time discussing and confirming the details of this huge project. Furniture designers stayed up many days to draw and revise the shop drawings. Maybe some readers doubt what the bedroom design looks like. Okay, no problem, the below photos are the hotel room furniture, do you like it?

Ocean-Coral -Spring-Resort- Furniture
bedroom furniture in the ocean coral spring resort

The above bedroom furniture design is called Mediterranean style, as you can see the ceiling hanging a fan, and the bed has 4 posters; these are the standard configuration for the rainy tropical climate. Due to different floors having different room sizes, the furniture size will vary. Next, I want to share the mass production photos for you to look at; as the saying goes, to see is to believe.

Ocean-Coral -Spring-Resort- Furniture
Ocean-Coral -Spring-Resort- Furniture

Looking at the above pictures, perhaps some people want to ask me why the headboard differs, especially in colour. The previous photos weren’t the actual products. It’s just the 3D rendering photos, so the colour can change regarding the hotel interior designer’s idea.

The Ocean Coral Spring Resort furniture has too many items to show, such as the sofa bed, leisure chair, coffee table, and dining table. As an author, I do like the sofa bed design showed on below,

Ocean-Coral -Spring-Resort- Furniture

The sofa bed is multifunctional furniture, which can be a sofa and a bed. Many hotels prefer the sofa bed to replace the sofa because the sofa is unfunctional. Nowadays, the lands have become more valuable, so hotels and apartments need to save space to create visible profits.

If you are Jamaican searching for hotel furniture for your new hotel, please let us know; we will try our best to support and help you. Thank you for reading this simple article; we will see you in the next wonderful essay.

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