Do I Need A Headboard for My Hotel Room?

The day before yesterday, a friend of mine asked me a question: do I need a headboard for my hotel room? There is no doubt that the answer is YES because the hotel headboard is essential to the guest room. Perhaps some readers are confused about whether I can put the headboard for my apartment or villa. What is the difference between a home headboard and a hotel headboard? 

Do I Need A Headboard for My Room?

Yes, it would be best to have a comfortable headboard for yourself and your family. Each bedroom needs a bedhead, and it’s just like that without water, a fish can’t live. The headboard is an important component throughout the entire furniture. It’s the head of your bed, which you can lean on and watch the TV simultaneously.

For a hotel, the bed is divided into two parts, the first part is the bedhead, and the other part is the bed base or bed frame. Until now, maybe some readers have been wondering what the headboard looks like and how to install the head. In our previous article, we mentioned the essay name@What is the Wall CladdingThe installation is the same as the wall cladding method. Check the below video. You will get more pieces of knowledge regarding the installation. 

Bed Base with Headboard

As I said, the bed base is always with a headboard, but some hotels have a limited budget; they prefer the bed without a headboard, guests have to lean on the painted wall to watch the TV or do something, and no bedhead will give them a bad impression for the hotel experience. The bed base size is subject to the headboard, such as king, queen, twin, or double bed.

A wall-mounted headboard is common in hotels because it’s easy to replace after prolonged use. I have a Japanese customer who told me that hotels in Japan prefer to use the complete set, which means the hotel headboard is fixed with the bed frame. Comparing the mounted ones, both are good if we put these in a different position.

The biggest difference is the assembly method; one is fixed on the wall, and the other is fixed with the bed base. It’s a common assembly method for a bed of home use. The bed base also has various designs, the solid ash wood supports most bed bases, and four sides are made of plywood with wood veneer, melamine, or HPL finish, And also, four sides can be covered by fabric or leather according to room design. Below is the bed frame picture made by Sketchup 2018 pro. 

do I need a headboard

Headboard Designs

The headboard has many designs, like the modern, European, Middle Eastern, or Mediterranean designs; each design has its feature; with the development of the furniture revolution, more and more bed heads are changed, becoming more modern and environmental protection. I have a customer from Bahrain, and he purchased 218 pcs headboards and bed bases for his new hotel in 2018, all the furniture he bought was high quality, and he was very satisfied with the good quality. He contacted me that he wanted to replace all the headboards yesterday; the reason isn’t the bed break, but out of date, guests were fed up with the current design, and he got lots of letters of complaint. That’s true; as time passes, it’s not only the headboard but also the whole furniture design that will be out of fashion. As a bespoke furniture manufacturer, we should keep passion and enthusiasm to follow up with the times change and offer the best quality of hotel furniture

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