What is the Best Table Tops suitable for your Hotel furniture?

A client of mine told me she wants to buy hotel furniture with the best table tops. However, she doesn’t have any ideas on which table top materials are suitable for her project and need me to help her to get the best options. I will surely provide the best proposal to her as a professional bespoke furniture specialist. Keep reading you will find more new things regarding the table tops.

There are many types of table tops, including wooden table tops, glass table tops, marble table tops, solid wood table tops, and laminate table tops. Each type has its feature and individuals. Different hotel designs will have different material elements, such as the 5-star hotel furniture is always modern and splendid, and most of the interior furniture is full of local flavor, so the table tops for the coffee table, dining table, desk, and nightstand will slightly vary due to different elements. I will explain these kinds of table tops to you individually according to my experience, especially the material advantages and disadvantages. I hope you will learn some useful skills while selecting the furniture table tops.

Wooden Table Tops

The meaning of wooden table top isn’t solid wood, but a broad term. It can be MDF or Plywood base with the different surfaces covered. The surface has different materials, including melamine, HPL(High-pressure laminate), and wood veneer finish. The melamine finish is economical and popularly used in 3-star hotel furniture and home. However, the disadvantage is that it can’t take shape, so the design is limited. The melamine finish isn’t your choice if you want to make different table shapes. The HPL finish is the same as the melamine; they are similar but different; the HPL finish is thicker than the melamine finish, and it’s very popular in USA hotels. The wood veneer finish is the best surface used in 4 and 5-star hotels, such as the Hilton hotel, Sheraton hotel, and Rizi-Carton Hotel. The disadvantage is the cost is more expensive than the other surface materials.

wooden table tops
wooden table top product

Glass Table Tops

A glass table top is also called a tempered glass top. Tempered glass can withstand temperatures up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. It is heat resistant, and the cost is low. Tempered glass is popular in the home furniture, such as the dining table, coffee table, and TV stand. If you have a limited budget, you can choose those tables tops.

glass table tops
glass table top product

Marble Table Tops

The marble top is divided into two types and one is natural marble the other one is artificial marble.

The natural marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the original rock in the crust through the action of high temperature and high pressure in the crust. It is a medium-hard stone, mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine, and dolomite. It’sIt’s from nature; the grain and luster are unique so the cost will be high. It always appears in a 5-star hotel lobby or ballroom. And also used in furniture items like dining tables, coffee tables, desks, bedside table tops, etc. The artificial marble is made of natural marble or granite crushed stone as filler, cement, gypsum, and unsaturated polyester resin as adhesive after stirring, molding, grinding, and polishing. It’sIt’s a human-made product, the value is low, so the cost is inexpensive. If you want to make your hotel special, marble will play a very important role in your hotel. Nowadays, more and more hotel projects prefer to use artificial marble to decorate their hotel exterior or interior design and make the furniture table top in marble tops.

marble table tops
marble table top product

Solid Wood Table Tops

It’s also called timber table top and you can see it everywhere. It’sIt’s an original material to make all the furniture, not only in China but around the world. It’sIt’s heavy and durable but sometimes easy to crack because of its features. The solid wood is stable and long used, so it’s usually used for furniture frames like sofas, chairs, desks, dining tables, etc. As time goes on, the solid wood table top is getting less and less popular because the cost is high and has more manufacturing processes.

solid wood table tops
solid wood table top product

Laminate Table Tops

The laminate top is divided into two materials, first is melamine, and the second is HPL. These two materials I have mentioned above. If you have any doubts about it, please get in touch with me.

laminate table tops
laminate table top

In summary, the 5 types of table tops can make square, rectangle, oval, round, etc. Whatever shape you want, we can offer the best table tops for you, even for your small home, villa, or apartment. I welcome you to send your inquiry to me.

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