2022 Updated Furniture Showroom is Coming–Are you Ready?

furniture showroom 3
New furniture showroom display

Preface for Furniture Showroom

As time goes on, our showroom has put lots of new furniture, such as the sofa, coffee table, leisure chair, reception desk, dining table, dining chair and bedroom sets. These furniture items were designed by ourselves. A combination of 2022 new elements aims to create unique modern, luxury and elegant hotel furniture for the hotel project.

Our new Furniture Showroom space is about 2000 SQM, has two floors, here you can see below photos, which are displayed on the ground floor. The first floor is a hotel bedroom and office, and It’s now still under construction, so we didn’t take snaps for that floor. Alright! Today’s main topic is the ground floor because it’s the face of our factory, and the furniture is full of charming and attractive, we will introduce our furniture showroom area one by one. Please keep your eyes on it.

Showroom Lobby Furniture

As we all know, lobby is the main entrance, people who visit a hotel will enter the lobby first, and then go to the recpetion area. Hence,the lobby plays an important role on the hotel. If you were a guest, I guess that the first impression of the hotel is the lobby decoration and furniture, right? As a hotel furniture manufacturer, we have the responsibility for giving our customers or clients a super quality products, from small to big business, we keep nondiscrimination attitude to all friends around the world.

furniture showroom 6
furniture showroom 5

Reception Desk Furniture

This reception desk is a modern design, the base material was plywood, and the top was made of natural marble, called SevecWhite. You know what, the Inside table( for stuff use) was the natural wood veneer matte finish, which was spent lots of days and nights to do it. The technology of the reception desk is complicated and kinda mysterious, welcome to visit our showroom to take a look.

furniture showroom 1

Furniture Showroom Dining Area

Here is the dining area, as you can see below pictures, a big dining table is there, with 8 new designed dining chairs, this design is suitable for the hotel restaurant or villa restaurant. Restaurant furniture designed by modern appearance, with strong plywood base, wood veneer finish, the outstanding craft makes this dining set more lasting appeal.

furniture showroom 9

Furniture Showroom Wall Cladding

Some people may confused that what is the wall cladding? To be honest, it’s a common question, because the wall cladding belongs to a professional fixed furniture term, if you are a fresh guy, you won’t know that. However, don’t worry, you can learn from here. For the wall cladding, we have an article already posted introducing the wall cladding, please check the link to get more information about that.

furniture showroom 8

Bedroom Set Furniture Showroom

This is the sleeping area where all guests will stay longer than everywhere on the hotel, you know what, the most important thing is the bedroom atmosphere, including the room design, and furniture design. You can see below photos, different furniture designs have vary room appearance, therefore, the furniture also play an vital role on the entire bedroom. These two furniture designs were modern simple, which is made of plywood with wood veneer finish, and some items were upholstered by leather or fabric, such as the headboard, chair, sofa, etc, and also have other materials, like marble, stainless steel, metal and stone.

furniture showroom 13
furniture showroom 14
furniture showroom 12
furniture showroom 15
furniture showroom 16
furniture showroom 17
In the End

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