Analysis of Misunderstandings in Buying Custom Made Hotel Furniture

Everyone may think it is normal In the rainy season, but much furniture will damage some relatively humid With the advancement of marketization, there will be a star hotels on the bustling streets. Guests will see the quality and visual effects of hotel furniture. Therefore, the hotel pays more attention to the customization of hotel furniture, which will affect the hotel’s grade level and attractiveness. Custom made hotel furniture manufacturers need unique design concepts and complete service systems and have been highly recognized by the market to become the choice of hotel furniture.

custom made hotel furniture

Misunderstandings in Custom Made Hotel Furniture

Customized furniture attracted the attention of many people because of its personality and tailor-made. However, the effects of custom-made furniture that blindly pursue innovation can easily fall into the misunderstanding of much subsequent maintenance. When buying custom furniture, you should consume rationally and not be misled by some paronomasias.

custom made hotel furniture

1. Can any furniture be customized?

Custom furniture is mainly for solving some space utilization difficulties and more privatization for storage needs, and the sizes are different from the standard sizes. It is better to buy finished products if you are not sensitive to spatial scale, unreasonable units, and sizes that meet fixed specifications. Also, If your hotel is just a 1 or 2-star level, you should buy finished furniture because this kind of furniture is cheap and fast time delivery.

2. is any design suitable for customization?

Custom furniture is different from what the hotel owner wants to do. The current customization generally refers to the color, lines, adjustment of lines, planning space, decoration, hardware, etc., in the inherent process.

3. Customize furniture or decoration first?

Many people will look at the furniture and decorate it, but customized furniture is outside this range. It is good to determine the choice of custom furniture after most of the decoration is completed to ensure the overall style and the basic coordination of custom furniture.

4. Are Customized furniture colors and designs are same?

Many hotel owners think that the custom made hotel furniture is customized, and the furniture of the whole hotel is customized into a unified color style. It saves not only the troubles but also no need to consider whether the color matching is coordinated. However, this behavior will make the hotel boring and unique, and the overall space needs a sense of layering. It will make people feel depressed after a long time.

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