2022 Bowson Hotel Furniture Price List Explanation to Our Customers

One week ago, a customer told me she wanted the hotel furniture price list for her new hotel. I was silent for a while and replied that I had no idea about offering the price list because we can only check the furniture cost with information and drawings. As all we know, hotel furniture belongs to the custom-made furniture scope, keep reading this article, and it will give useful pieces of knowledge to you.

hotel furniture price list

Hotel Furniture Price List Explanation

With the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, the requirements for furniture are becoming more and more personalized, and customization has become the primary choice for many owners to buy furniture. What colour do you like, and what needs can you customize? Which can meet the personalized needs of consumers well. However, buying stuff needs to pay money, let alone customized furniture. Some friends are worried that customization furniture is too expensive, but there is this idea. Bowson summarizes the common custom hospitality furniture pricing method on the market for everyone. Let’s take a look! 

Different valuation methods still need to determine the price of custom furniture fully, and the key is the quality of the board and hardware. Customers also need to pay attention to the product design, the fineness of the brand manufacturers, and the thoughtfulness of after-sales service.

The day before yesterday, Mr Chuck, who is renovating his hotel, wanted to customize several wardrobes for the room. But after walking around the furniture store, he found that the same size, similar materials, and different brands were calculated, and different stores provided different prices. If you check the quotation carefully, the original algorithms are different.Mr Chuck said that, fortunately, he was a science student and was almost around the messy “algorithm”.

How to calculate the costs for custom-made hotel furniture? What are the pricing methods? What kind of science? Which kind of pit father? As a professional hotel furniture specialist, I will tell you the answers.

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Hotel Room Furniture

Firstly, we started the math, a square table with a 1-meter size, an area is 1 SQM, and a perimeter is 4m, but a rectangle table with 2m width, 0.5m depth, an area is also 1 SQM, and a perimeter is(2+0.5)*2= 5m. Assuming the melamine is to be used in the custom furniture mentioned above, although it is the same area, the length of the required edge banding (the fixed seal of the protection plate section) is also the length of the board. But the absolute difference was 1 meter. As the saying goes, there are more foolish buyers than foolish sellers. If you calculate the area, then different sizes, same area on the custom-made furniture, the edge banding cost will significantly differ. Can the factory let itself lose it? “When consumer Mr Chuck spits out the strangeness in” Calculating at a square meter “, we decided to do this mathematical problem carefully.

Secondly, as mentioned above, some furniture is calculated by square meters, such as the headboard, wardrobe, and cabinet. Normally, a hotel headboard is $75/m2, and a wardrobe is $160/m2. If the furniture design is complicated, the price will be increased from the normal price. 

Thirdly, the hotel furniture price list is tough to quote because each hotel’s standards and design are different. 5-star hotels are higher than boutique hotels, such as the Hilton hotel VS holiday inn hotel, they are all called hotels, but the hotel elements are different.

Lastly, if you are eager to get the quotation for your hotel, please send your hotel drawings and tell us some information, and we will try our best to help and support you. 

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