Hotel Luggage Rack Types for All Stars Hotel Use—Complete Guide

Preface for Hotel Luggage Rack

One of our clients told us that he wants to customize the luggage hotel rack with high-end quality and needs to explore his marketplace for selling the hotel suitcase rack. It’s fantastic news for us because we haven’t heard the custom who only need to purchase the hotel room rack. However, we accept his request. This article will share different types of suitcase holders. Please keep reading; you will find more valuable information while buying the wooden luggage racks.

Folding Luggage Rack

This type of luggage holder is easy and foldable and always put in the 2 or 3-star hotel guest room. A study showed that most low-level guest room spaces are limited, and the hotel proprietors got a headache selecting the room furniture. They have to plan carefully because the inventment need to take a long time, and the margin gains as much as possible. As we know, luggage is always with you when you are travelling; thus, the luggage rack is essential for putting your luggage. This type of luggage rack is made of solid wood, stainless steel, or Iron painted frame; each material has unique features. The below pictures are the product of each material. 

hotel luggage rack

Wooden Luggage Rack

This hotel luggage rack is always in the 3 or 4-star hotel room. The size is bigger than the folding suitcase holder, with about 800mm in width and 500 mm in depth; this product gives guests a fixed and heavy-duty impression. The base material can be solid wood, plywood or MDF, and the surface/finish can be wood veneer, HPL or melamine. A 3-4 star hotel guest room is more significant than a 3-star hotel room, so the furniture size will indeed become bigger. Most wooden luggage stand has to be customized according to the guest room plan drawing. Maybe some readers have questions about how much for the bespoke suitcase holder. Can I place one pcs for the trial order? For these questions, for sure we will answer; please leave your comments, and we will reply to you within 10 hours. 

wooden luggage rack

If you need to get more designs, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help and support you, thank you!

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