What is the Solid Wood Frame Sofa Look Like- Complete Guide 

Today we will talk about the sofa, which is commonly used everywhere. Most users are checking the quality via the sofa’s appearance and comfort level; that’s true, it’s correct, but do you want to know more about the couches, such as the frame, the foam, the fabric or leather, keep reading you will get new knowledge after you read all.

Solid Wood Frame Sofa

As we know, the frame is the base for a sofa and plays a vital role. A solid wood frame is the first option due to natural factors. There have lots of concrete wood types. However, do you know what the best wood for inside furniture is? This question is hard to answer. After all, you don’t even have the conception for solid wood types like ash wood, beech wood, birch wood, teak wood, elm wood, oak wood, etc. Each wood has its features, such as the ash wood, which has clear and beautiful wood grain, good corrosion resistance and water resistance, easy processing, high toughness, good colouring performance, and good decorative performance, so this material is widespread use around furniture factories. And the oak wood has mountain-shaped wood grain, and the touch surface has a good texture. Stiff texture, firm structure, long service life, high grade, suitable for making European-style furniture, not easy to absorb water, corrosion resistance, high strength. Beechwood, It’s a hardwood; the texture is straight, the structure is fine, wear-resistant and shiny, and it is not easy to be deformed when dry, and the processing, finishing and glueing are sound.

Moisture Content for Solid Wood

The wood has its moisture under normal conditions so that it will be processing the dry-off treatment, and this point is well known. However, It has to be subject to the standard rule when drying off the wood, even if the moisture content of furniture materials is consistent with the average moisture content of the atmosphere in the area of use. Due to different geographical locations, the moderate moisture content in the atmosphere will differ, so the moisture content requirements for wooden furniture in other regions are additional. If you are in a rainy tropical climate, the water content is higher than in the tropical monsoon climate, so the water content of the solid wood furniture is different. According to the Chinese government standard, the content range is about 8%-10%. If the water content is less or surpasses the customary law, the furniture will be disallowed to sale.

Solid Wood Frame Sofa Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing the frame is a complicated process, which is divided into Wood drying – sawing material – planing material – marking &cutting board – pressing plate – opening and tenoning – slotting and starting line – sanding&assembly – white blank inspection – brushing paint – grinding – spray paint – paint inspection – Installation – Quality Inspection – Packing.

The above steps are the necessary manufacturing process, and each procedure is closely linked, complementary and indispensable. If you’re interested in these solid wood manufacturing steps, please let us know or leave your comments below.

Upholstery Webbing&Serpentine Spring for Wooden Frame

Once the solid wood frame is assembled, the workers will be transferred to the other workshop, which is an upholstery workshop. There is a place where you can finish the next step like the webbing, stitching, stick sponge etc. Webbing and serpentine spring are essential for the frame because they can support and offer elastic force to the foam. When people sit in the frame, it will make them more comfortable feeling to them. The below picture is the solid wood frame for the sofa, and you will see the webbing and serpentine spring mounted on the sofa frame.

Foam for Sofa Upholstery

Upholstered furniture has foam inside; without the foam, the sofa or chair will be like a man with no clothes on. The foam type is divided into 3 types: high-density, medium-density, and low-density foam. Density is an essential indicator of matter. The higher the density of the sponge, the smaller the voids and the greater the quality. For example, 40 density means that the weight of a cubic meter of the sponge is 40 kilograms, and 50 density is 50 kilograms per cubic meter. Generally speaking, sponges with high density have high hardness. Still, it is not excluded that some high-density sponges will add supersoft additives to make the sponges super soft, which are used as sound-absorbing cotton, sofa cushions, and soft packaging materials. Medium and low-density sponges are used as general protective materials. The degree of softness and hardness of sponges of the same density is not necessarily the same. Generally, the sponge density for sofa cushions is about 35, and there are soft, hard, super soft and other specifications. Do mattresses are generally about 22. The so-called high-density sponge is commonly used by salespeople when introducing upholstered furniture. According to the standard, a density ≥ 45 is high-density foam, medium density foam is < 45, and low-density foam is < 18.

Piping&stitching for Upholstered Furniture

The piping usually is made of plastic. It’s like a pipe and always goes straight. The fabric or leather will cover all the plastic and stitch, becoming the furniture piping. Mounted the piping needs a skilled man to do it. If the furniture line isn’t straight enough, the furniture won’t look nice. It’s a tiny detail, so most users ignored this point. Hopefully, you will get this point when selecting the upholstered furniture in the shop or furniture market.

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