The Dining Chairs for Norwegian Cruise Line Made By Bowson

One of our friends told us that they are travelling on a big boat for seven days trip, and very satisfied with the feelings on board, especially for the interior design of this big vessel. They mentioned the dining chairs, which is comfortable and enjoyable. And we got several photos from them. Things got sudden, and we were astonished when seeing the pictures because It’s the dining chairs we manufactured in 2019. What a coincidence! The cruise line owner ordered again this year from us for his new restaurant on the boat. Recall the first time we met the buyer; It’s an exciting story. Before saying that, we must introduce this terrific cruise ship company first.

The Introduction of the Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line is from Norway; starting with one ship in 1966, dubbed initially Norwegian Caribbean Line, was established through a partnership between Carnival Cruise Line founder Ted Arison and Knut Kloster of Oslo-based Klosters Rederi A/S, one of Norway’s oldest and most respected shipping firms. If you want to know the history, please click below link,

( to get more information.

It was a sunshine day, and the clients had a reservation for us that they would visit our factory after two days. Our boss and I were thrilled because we knew they were a famous group with a big order. An urgent meeting gets started, factory’s C.E.O. asked that we need to clear up our workshop to give a profound impression to our clients. As a witness, I knew what was the feelings filling everywhere and had given me extraordinary things in my life. Two days later, the owner came with his team and one Chinese translator to our factory gate on time. What big news for us! All of our factory’s members stopped working and stood in a long line to welcome these unique customers. Warmly applause lasted a very long time. The visitor’s faces have appeared a pleasure and a happy smiles. We knew that we had given a good impression to them strictly.

During 5 hours of visiting, the owner and his team had known what we do, who we are and how we do it, and all of us had a delicious lunch, eating Cantonese food. We sat together to chat about the news, personal issues or something that may be interested during lunchtime. Finally, Most of them were satisfied.

As the saying goes, nothing is too complicated if you put your heart into it. This order was pending for serval months because of the different factors. The owner needed the slope arm chairs and dining arm chairs for their restaurant. Quality is their priority, and we have the ambition to make these chairs according to the requirements. As time passed, the Cruise Line owner finally placed an order for us. The total QTY was 1500 pcs armchairs in kinds of designs.

Dining Chairs Introduction

The factory was preparing the materials and making the shop drawings after the payment finished. The armchair’s main frame was made of beech wood, which belongs to the hardwood field and the lacquer paint. And the arm chairs’ light spots are the fabric passed by America CA117 fire resistant. It’s necessary to make all the chairs fireproof on the boat. Below are some actual pictures shown in the upholstery workshop.

dining chair
Dining Arm Chair
dining chairs
Dining Chair @ mass production

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The day before yesterday, all the packages were ready and waiting for the loading container. Due to the shipping vessel being hard to book, our sales booked 3 containers in advance. Three trucks arrived on time, but we needed to load the container one by one. It was a sunny day. Workers were challenging because they sweated like in a sunna room while moving the armchair packages. Here are the pictures for loading about 800 pcs armchairs.

dining chairs

If you’re interested in our products or article, please leave your comments below; we will answer you After loading the container, the truck will take the container to the port, and the person in the port will take care of it. What we can help our customers does load not only the goods but also do the customs declaration and goods Inspection. Welcome to send your requirements to us; we will try our best to support and help you.

The dining chairs are still on the vessel to Dubai, U.A.E.; we will update after these containers arrive at Dubai port; please keep your eyes on it; thank you!

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