Who Supply the Furniture to Osaka Hotel in Japan?

Japan is a beautiful country, covered with many tiny rivers and high mountains. It is known as “the land of the cherry blossom” because the cherry trees are so beautiful in the spring of the year. People from overseas are eager to visit Japan to see the incredible view and stay serval days to find the beauty of the country’s view, so hotel plays an essential role for those people. Here has a question, do you know who supplies the hotel furniture to Japan? Keep reading; you will get more news.

Osaka Hotel Furniture

A study showed that Chinese furniture imports have accounted for 25% of Japan’s total furniture consumption, especially for customized furniture, such as the furniture for villas, apartments, and hotels. As we know, Japan is the most densely populated country, with extremely high labor costs and a lack of raw materials for furniture. For these two reasons, they are willing to purchase the bespoke furniture from China because the distance is close, and the shipping costs aren’t high.

With the furniture development going on, custom-made furniture is seen everywhere. Japanese needed to find out the balance of furniture between quality and price, so many people are pleased to open their Internet Explorer to search for the furniture on Google. Most of the search results point to the supplier from China, but do you know which city in China is the base for the custom-made furniture?

Furniture Detail

Speaking of China’s furniture industry, the first place that comes to mind is Guangdong province, the motherland of furniture. The city of Foshan plays a significant role in the furniture. In the 1970s and 1980s, small workshops for making furniture began to emerge in the Shunde District, Foshan. After the reform and opening up, the furniture industry has gradually developed from raw materials, furniture products, furniture woodworking machinery, furniture connectors and accessories, production and sales of furniture coatings, to furniture exhibitions; everything is available. Foshan has formed the earliest and largest furniture production base on China’s mainland.

Now let’s continue the topic of who supplies the furniture to Osaka Hotel in Japan. The answer is Bowson hotel furniture factory. Osaka hotel is located at 3 Chome-8 Nipponbashihigashi, Naniwa Ward, and it’s a four-star hotel with more than 72 hotel guest rooms. The hotel opened in Nov. 2021, and lots of local people gathered to celebrate this opening ceremony at that time; meanwhile, the hotel management invited several internet celebrities to help them attract traffic. As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the start. This hotel held a wonderful ceremony. Maybe some readers are eager to know what the hotel guest room looks like? Yes, of course, the pictures below are the photos photographed by the hotel worker.

Osaka hotel furniture 1

As you can see from the above picture, The sun hits the room, all the guest room appears fresh, and the decor is a harmonious blend of Japanese traditional and modern; the room atmosphere will give you a feel at home. What do you think? Look out at the entire furniture, and each item has particular highlights; take the sofa bed, for example; the sofa bed is multi-functioned; it can be a sofa or a bed. If a couple stays in that room, it will be a sofa; if a family stays in that room, it will be a bed. And for the headboard, which concealed a LED light strip on the headboard top. The space will look incredible when opening it at night. For more things you need to know, please still keep reading.

We made a 3D furniture design before manufacturing the hotel guest room furniture, because the hotel owner needed to see the room effection if we put our furniture design. For this one, you can check the below 3D rendering photos. How did you feel when you saw it? Is that the same as the hotel bedroom furniture at the site?


Manufacturing the Osaka hotel took more than 3 months from start to end. The clients were comfortable hotel furniture we offered when they installed all the custom-made furniture and referred other hotel owners to us. We’re appreciated their support.

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