Narcissus Hotel-Khozama Brand Project Case Riyadh Made By Bowson

When it comes to Narcissus hotel, we have to say that this hotel brand, named Khozama was took a lot of our energy, because we made room prototypes for it. Hotel owners were given plenty of their ideas and suggestions to us at that time, and we’ve learned some new bits of knowledge from their professional interior designers.

The Introduction of Narcissus Hotels

Narcissus Hotels were launched to meet the brilliant vision and history of Boudl Group. Narcissus Hotels reflect a great picture that combines International architecture and modern luxury. It consists of 3 hotels and one resort, all ranked 5 stars. All representing a cultural and majestic heritage. Each room of Narcissus Hotel has five-star specifications to meet all the needs of the hotel guests whether, families, individuals, or VIP guests.

For this project, the first time we met them was in 2019, they were extremely easy to communicate with, especially for the site drawings. One of the designers worked in the HBA company for more than 5 years, so we had happy discussion moments during the meeting.

Time goes so fast, It has been past 13 months till the last meeting in 2019, all the hotel infrastructure was accomplished, and needed to put furniture. Our sales team has given a deep impression to them, so they sent all the furniture requirements to us directly via WhatsApp and email. Meanwhile, we spent serval days reviewing the furniture details and marking the confusing points. During the entire link, nothing happens, all things were under control, and the designer we mentioned in the above paragraph was satisfied with our specialty and service.

Below pictures are the hotel room furniture 3D design made by the hotel owner, do you like this modern design?

Narcissus Hotel Photo

Narcissus hotel

And one important thing that we must have is to share the 1:1 hotel room model with you for reference.

Narcissus hotel 11
Narcissus hotel 1
Narcissus hotel 2

Perhaps most readers have doubts that these pictures were plagiarized from other websites or factories, for this incertitude, we are 100% guarantee the above or below photos were photographed by our team and this hotel furniture project case was true. Below photos are some mass production illustrations for you to take a look at.

Narcissus hotel 3
Narcissus hotel 5
Narcissus hotel 4
Narcissus hotel 6

If you want to see more photos, please send your Inquiry to us, we will send all hotel project cases to you within 24 working hours.

As all we know, the last step for the furniture is packing, which plays a vital role in transporting and protecting the furniture.

Narcissus hotel 8
Narcissus hotel 9

The above photos were taken at the bowson’s headquarter workshop by Jesscia in 2019. If you have any questions, welcome to visit our factory to take a look.Welcome to follow our official facebook @ bowson hotel furniture, and youtube channel @ bowson hotel furniture company, and also below were our original posts, please take a look.

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