Does a Desk Chair Need Arms? Complete Answer guide–2022

Speaking of chairs, we have to talk about the difference between armchairs and armless chairs. It’s suitable for hotel use and all places, such as home use, personal use, etc. The below sections will tell you the advantages of both chair designs, please keep reading, and you will gain new knowledge regarding the chairs.


As we all know, a chair with an arm is called an armchair, which is commonly seen in the living room, dining room, bedroom room, and restaurant area. This chair is more comfortable for humans than a chair without an arm. Typically the armrest height is 550-650MM (21.65’’-25.6’’), and the seat height is 430-480MM (16.9’’-18.9’’). The chair’s height is hard to define because different designs have different heights, but the standard height is about 750-1000MM (29.5’’-39.4’’). Here are the manufacturing shop drawings for you to have a look at.


3 advantages of the armchair as below,

1. Comfortable and dignity

2. It is friendly to the waist of the human body when people sedentary for a long time

3. Easy to take

3 disadvantages as below,

1. Cost spend a lot

2. Heavy and not easy to take

3. Take up space, not suit for small places.

Armless Chair

This kind of chair is everywhere. If you take a closer look at your home, you will find the chair without an armrest with you. The armless chair is lighter than the armchair, and the price is lower. Usually, the seat height is 430-480MM(16.9’’-18.9’’), the depth is 450-600MM(17.7’’-23.6’’), and the height above mentioned was hard to define average height is about 750-1000MM (29.5’’-39.4’’). Below the picture is the shop drawing for the armless chair.

Armless chair

3 advantages of the armchair as below,

1. Easy to use, does not take up space

2. Cheap cost

3. Slim and light

1 disadvantage as below,

  • Not comfortable if sedentary for a long time

So for this question, does a desk chair need arms? The answer is hard to say. As the saying goes, each coin has two sides. If your space is limited, you should use the chair without an armrest; If you have a considerable space and need comfort while seated, choose the armchair.

If you have more ideas regarding this topic, please write your comments below; we will try our best to update more valuable knowledge.

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