Why does Hotel Sofa Bed Frame need to use the Leggett & Platt support frame?

The day before yesterday, one of our American customers told us they must use the Leggett&platt support frame for their hotel sofa bed. We didn’t understand at that time because we had our strong structure to support the sofa bed, which was cheaper and more flexible than the brand he mentioned. During a long survey from our other clients, everything came out in the wash that this brand has got in their hearts for More than ten decades. leggett&platt company is a reliable metal frame supplier and won plenty of good reputation worldwide, especially in the USA.

Speaking of this, perhaps some readers are confused about why this brand is famous in their hearts; what is the difference comparing the other hydraulic cylinders? Keep reading, and you will find the answer.

Leggett & Platt Introduction

In 1883, J.P. Leggett invented the first spiral-steel bedspring to help people get a better night’s sleep. Needing expertise in manufacturing and production, he recruited C.B. Platt, a blacksmith whose father owned Platt Plow Works. And so, after many months of preparation and work, the world’s first coiled bedsprings were manufactured with belt-driven machinery at Platt Plow Works.

Today, this company creates so much more than just bedsprings. Over the past 135 years, they have expanded into various product lines, including automotive seating and support systems, speciality bedding foams, flooring underlayment, steel is drawn wire, aerospace tubing, and furniture components. In a word, It’s a Century enterprise. The products they manufactured were acknowledgedly excellent and durable.

Hotel Sofa Bed Design

It is common to see the sofa bed everywhere, such as the house, hotels, apartments, Villa, lounges, etc., but do you know how many designs have? Some designs are straightforward, and no need to use the frame. Below pictures are the sofa designs for you as reference.

Leggett & Platt Brand Frame Sofa Bed

hotel sofa bed
hotel sofa bed

The above sofa bed is for hotel use, and all the sizes can be customized.

hotel sofa bed 3
hotel sofa bed 4
hotel sofa bed 5

For the above sofa bed designs, the frame is no need to use a famous American brand; it is always used in Chinese brands and got good feedback from hotel owners.

If you need to see more sofa designs, please go follow our website, thank you!

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