Zimbabwe Villa Furniture Project Made By Bowson

One of my customers told us that our villa furniture project in Harare was terrific and splendid, and he asked us to make a complete introduction to this unique villa. So today, we will write this original article to share the furniture we did for this remarkable building. Just keep your eyes on it. You will learn some valuable things for you in the future.

Back to 2019, all the foreigners could visit China anytime because the pandemic wasn’t an outbreak. The villa owner found us through our official website and contacted our salesman. And It was a sunny day that the sky looked blue and transparent, it was the first time meeting them at our showroom. All guys we met were delightful, and they always kept smiles on their faces. We felt happy while chatting with them. They bought all the documents like the villa Auto cad drawing, 3D photos, etc. As a professional custom-made furniture supplier, our team made a quick view and gave them our suggestions. One of the members was a designer, and he trusted us after we passed the excellent advice to him.

One day later, our team made out all the quotations for the villa furniture and was astonished to the owner when our salesman told him the news. He(the owner) was excited and soon arrived at our showroom. After 15 hours of discussion, the owner decided that he would place all the villa furniture orders with us and pay the deposit by cash at our showroom. We were all happy and had dinner to celebrate this unforgettable moment together. As the saying goes, nothing is too complicated if you put your heart into it.

Furniture Layout

The layout is essential because it’s the first step in making a furniture plan, such as the furniture size, furniture shape, etc. Here is the outside view and inside layout for the Villa furniture project; you can take a look.

villa furniture00
villa furniture03

The outside view looks like a modern European building style because the roof has a pattern and shape design. Yes, of course. A famous design company in the UK designed the villa that combined the local culture and the owner’s family characteristics.

For the interior furniture layout, each area has developed its value. Total night bedrooms can load more than 20 people for sleeping and living. If you look at the meeting area, you will see whoa. What a big meeting table it is!

Villa Furniture Drawing

The owner confirmed all materials during a lengthy discussion, such as the wood veneer color, fabric color, metal color, etc. It’s time to make the shop drawings; the below photos are serval drawings for the products.

villa furniture08
Wall cladding&headboard
villa furniture07
villa furniture09

Mass Production for Furniture

Once the owner confirms the furniture shop drawing, our factory will start the mass production issue. Below pictures are the mass production, and you can take a look.

villa furniture13
villa furniture12
villa furniture11

After receiving all the furniture items, the villa owner was very satisfied, and the installation was very successful. The owner photographed the below photos.

villa furniture05
villa furniture06

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